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"We love the personal and professional services by Stovall & Associates..they know what they are doing…my taxes are current from not filing for over 8 years. –Mr. C. Johnson, Houston, Texas

"I am referring you to all we know. Thank you for making tax filing simpler…" -Mr. T.J., Self-Employed Contractor, New Orleans, Louisiana

"After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, I looked for your office and could not find you….I did not file my taxes until I located your new location in Maryland…." I do not wish anyone else to file my taxes. Ms. L.B., Nurse, New Orleans, LA

"I am eternally grateful to Stovall & Associates…I was getting collection letters and now I am getting refunds…." Ms. B. Louisiana

"I am grateful I no longer owe the IRS $124,000. I did not know that I could ever change my tax filing experience….." Ms. L. Louisiana.

"I travel for over an hour each year to file with Stovall & Associates. From Redding, PA to Maryland because I trust them with all my tax situations….." Mr. C, Redding, PA

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